SpeedFun Furious Evo for Rocky Mountain and Altitude Powerplay

108,82VAT incl.

SpeedFun Furious Evo is an ebike tuning that allows you to remove the 25 kmH speed block by fully exploiting the potential of the Rocky Mountain motors.

This ebike tuning device is specially designed to unlock the speed of the Rocky Mountain motor mounted on ebike Altitude Powerplay, Growler Powerplay, Instinct Powerplay and Instinct Powerplay BC Edition

All SpeedFun Furious Evo speed release devices can be activated and deactivated at any time and without the need for connections to the light output.

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What is the tuning for Rocky Mountain ebike SpeedFun Furious Evo?

The function of the Furious Evo tuning device for Rocky Mountain is to electronically manipulate the rotation speed of the rear wheel and to communicate to the engine a speed always lower than 25 KmH, this allows to obtain a real speed with a very high active engine. The maximum speed limit is given by the power of the engine added to the power expressed by one’s legs (info).

When the tuning device is active, having no communication with the display, it will show the halved data on the display starting from a certain threshold.

Speedup Furious Evo can be activated and deactivated at will and maintains the setting even after the ebike is turned off. It can be installed on ebike with Rocky Mountain motors mounted on ebike Altitude Powerplay, Growler Powerplay and Instinct Powerplay, regardless of the type of display or side control of the ebike.

The Furiosu Evo tuning device for Rocky Mountain can be activated/deactivated with a very practical system (for more information see the instructions here) and does not require the activation of the motors light output. The device is supplied plug and go ready to use, it is installed in a very simple way thanks to the original connectors with which no physical modification of the ebike is necessary.

This tuning is not compatible with Rocky Mountain Powerplay 2022 equipped with Dyname 4.0 motor


Ebike with Rocky Mountain engine where the Furious Evo device was successfully installed

(this list is illustrative and not exhaustive)

– Altitude Powerplay
– Instinct Powerplay BC Edition

– Growler Powerplay

– Instinct Powerplay

The main features

Totally invisible

– It can be assembled/disassembled at any time

– Equipped with connectors that do not require any physical modification to the ebike wiring

– Allows you to remove the 25 KmH (info) limit up to unlimited speeds

– Installable in a few minutes, ready to use, plug and go!

– Suitable for Rocky Mountain engines mostly mounted on Altitude Powerplay, Growler Powerplay and Instinct Powerplay e-bikes

– Compatible with any type of display or command

– It can be activated/deactivated in a very practical way (more info here) without the need to be connected to the ebike’s light output

– It does not need external batteries or power.


Assembly and Use Instructions

Instructions for assembly and use Furious Evo for Rocky Mountain and Altitude Powerplay

Additional information

Increase assistance up to over 50 km / h

Data on the display (or app):

Real 0 to 20 km / h: real speed on the display Real 20 to 45 km / h: half speed on the display Real 45 to 75 km / h: speed divided by three on the display

Motor compatibility:

Compatible with Rocky Mountain motors


Activation and deactivation of the device with idle pedaling (for more information see instructions)


The device measures 31 x 16.5 x 7 mm

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Once the SpeedFun speed release device has been installed, the electric bicycle, if exceeding the limit of 25 kmH, is equated to a moped and as such, if traveling in public places, it needs to be homologated-registered by the Civil Motorization. subject to the payment of the road tax and insurance coverage, must have a license plate, cannot circulate on cycle paths and the driver is obliged to drive with a license and must use a helmet. In addition, driving a motor bicycle equivalent to a moped that does not comply with the aforementioned provisions entails the administrative seizure of the vehicle and financial penalties that vary according to the infringement committed. The manufacturer of the speed release system declines all responsibility for any damage caused to pedal-assisted bicycles on which the device is mounted as well as direct or indirect damage to people or things.
SpeedFun – Phase B snc declines any responsibility for any anomalies caused by the anti-tuning defenses that the engine manufacturers could activate.
Remember that the modification to the bicycle could invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty.

The operation of the SpeedFun devices is guaranteed for the software versions of the ebikes released up to the date of purchase of the device itself.
If the ebike is subsequently updated with software for which the SpeedFun device has not been designed, its failure may occur.
Before updating your engine, it is necessary to check the compatibility with your SpeedFun device.

NB: All the brands mentioned on this site are named exclusively to identify the models of engines and bicycles on which our devices are compatible. They are the property of the respective owners and are in no way related to our company.

Use your helmet, save your life!