Lukas (PL-Warsaw)

Hi SpeedUP!

As it is already one year after purchase of Your SpeedUP BOX I wanted to share some experience and comments with You guys.

First of all thank you for a perfect and reliable device.

Being frank its probably most durable part of my bicycle just second to the main frame itself J.

  1. As described in the instructions, installation of the sensor took me around 15 min and was very easy. Programming to the default mode took another 5 min and the bike was ready to hit the road.
  2. First impression was breathtaking, I  could not believe I was really able to SPEEDUP so easy and continue over the 25km/h cap with assistance.
  3. After 2 days of fun it became clear I want more, so I got 48T chainring for more speed and finally was satisfied  with 48-49 km/h with full assistance.

Looking at the pictures you will notice that it’s not factory version of Xduro RC EQ. Main reason behind  me buying it, was that I wanted to replace my car with something that can get m through the traffic.   Although Warsaw is developing fast now its biking infrastructure is still chopped and sparse and roads are often in lousy condition. So if you want to use a bike in this city on a daily basis you better stick to thick tires of a mountain bike and  the speed of a s-pedelc will take you fast to your destination.

As mentioned at the beginning SpeedUP BOX is working for over a year now in my bike. It’s weather proof, it’s winter and frost proof and as described before very easy to install (I didn’t like the idea of cutting wires, soldering, adding switches and other stupidities required by other dongles on the market).

Concluding my comment and speaking from over one year’s experience I want to put strong point on the safety issue.

  1. Car drivers are blind and stupid and in most cases they will be surprised by the velocity of SPEEDUP-ed bicycle. Driving fast I got myself in at least 10 close encounters with cars (every time the guilt was on the other side), from that 10 I had 2 accidents by car drivers fault (after one case I had to change the original wheel rims for stronger ZTR ARCHEX – car driver had to change the windscreen and the hood).
  2. ALWAYS wear a helmet people! Even if it is not required by law as in Poland.
  3. Get yourself really strong front light (I’m using 500 lumen NOISE lamp) and use it also in the daylight  it increases your chances of being noticed.

Last but not least:

  1. Speed division factor affects odometer by around 1,57 so my real distance covered will be more 1600 km than 1042 marked on odometer.

General experience is fantastic, SPEEDUP BOX is ready to install, easy to program very strong and durable solution for every biker out there. Its also twice cheaper than any other  tuning of BOSCH E-bike system offered in my country.


Hi Stefano how are you,
I have all ready drive little bit over 1000 km with SpeedFun Ghost in my Cannondale Tramount 29″ and it works very well ?
Many thanks and greetings from Finland!